It all began when a young man by the name of George Fleming emigrated from Scotland to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company. George had a dream of building a world class operation. He certainly succeeded and brought Saskatchewan Canada with it along the way.

Sadly in 2011, George Fleming, “The Man from Hatchet” had passed and the company was left in the hands of Harvey Kroll, A long time friend and colleague of George. Harvey and George worked side by side managing and operating Hatchet Lake Lodge for over 20 years together.

In 2012, Hatchet Lake Lodge teamed with northern airline company, Osprey Wings Ltd. The two were a perfect match and have been successfully working together for several years. We use Osprey Wings Ltd. to fly our guests to and from the lodge as well as one of their float planes to fly guests to our many surrounding fly-out lakes.


"People come here to experience the fishing. But it’s also a very peaceful, beautiful place where they can get closer to nature.. closer to God, maybe… and closer to themselves, to think why they’re here. And where they’re going.”

 --George Fleming        

Osprey Wings Ltd

Osprey Wings Ltd is a northern airline company located on the Churchill River system in the Hamlet of Missinipe, Saskatchewan Canada, with a satellite base in Points North Landing and pick-up in La Ronge.

Osprey Wings had been providing charter service in northern Saskatchewan since the early 1970’s on floats, wheels and skies, to many of the fishing lodges, private cabins as well as exploration activity.