Harvey Kroll

Owner/operator of Hatchet Lake Lodge just celebrated his 25th year with the company.

As General Manager, Harvey works on site at the lodge each summer to ensure your stay with us is exceptional.

With 30 years experience in the Canadian bush, Harvey brings his northern experience and expertise to our operation, both at the lodge and at our Canadian office in Saskatoon, SK during the winter months. From the time you step off of the 1900 aircraft to your departure wave goodbye, Harvey is making certain your stay at Hatchet Lake Lodge is unforgettable.

Kendra Goodwin

Kendra has been with Hatchet Lake Lodge for 5 years. She is busy raising to her two sons just outside of Saskatoon. Kendra is in and out of the office taking care of our books!

Taylor Mills

Taylor is celebrating her 5th year with Hatchet Lake Lodge. She is the voice you will hear when you call the office in Saskatoon as well as up at the lodge. She is Harvey's right hand gal and works hard to ensure your stay with us is your trip of a lifetime, everytime! Taylor is taking bookings and busy planning everything for the 2017 season.!


Every guide at Hatchet Lake Lodge brings talent, knowledge and love of the sport that makes all the difference in your fishing experience. Our guests frequently comment on the excellence of our guides, and look forward to fishing year after year with guides who have become friends.

From waking up to a warm fire and a pot of hot coffee to perfectly maintained engines and equipment, the staff at Hatchet Lake are always ensuring nothing but the best during your stay. The staff at hatchet range from Management to guides to in-house and dock staff, chefs and pilots and maintenance staff. The talented Hatchet Lake staff is here to make your time with us extraordinary in every detail.

Arnold Stene

Bruce McLeod

Leonard McKay

Rheale Stene

Winston McLeod




A pot of piping hot coffee waiting for you when you get up in the morning, a blazing fire in your cabin stove when you return from a brisk day of fishing, perfectly maintained engines and equipment - it's details like this that make a wilderness adventure a luxury vacation. And it's the quality of our staff that makes it all possible.